January 6 - January 9, 2020 @ Austin, Texas

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VZTUF Agenda

Where can I find a copy of the agenda?

VZTUF is an invitation only event. Please to the site, then click on Schedule at the top of the welcome page.


What is the Verizon focus for VZTUF XIV

The emphasis of VZTUF-XIII will be on sharing and strengthening 4G and 5G best practices, and providing training to build the technical foundation and partnerships necessary to meet network demands as we move into 2019. General session and training class discussions will focus on communicating the latest in 5G developments as well as changes in current methods and standards that will significantly reduce operational costs. Come to VZTUF-XIII and see what solutions are available to meet your challenges in 2019.

Invitation Process

The Verizon VZTUF Forum is by invitation ONLY!

All Verizon Employees are invited.

Invitations are emailed to vendors, turnkey system providers and other attendees. Invites are sent out the week after Labor Day, in September, for the next VZTUF Forum.

If your contact person has changed from the last VZTUF forum please provide us an update, customerservice@ibtuf.com.

Verizon requirements: (Vendors, TSP’s etc. desiring to attend or exhibit.)

Approved Vendors only that have a contract with Verizon.

Verizon VZTUF Forum Committee has approved the applicant, meets the business requirements and focus of the current forum.

Process for consideration for an invite to VZTUF: After September 15th if you have not received an invitation and wish to be considered.

Contact your local Verizon sponsor in a regional office and asked them to contact the Verizon VZTUF Forum Committee to be considered for an invitation. If approved, we will send an invitation with specific instructions. Invite may specify attendee only approval.

Exhibit and attendee space is limited, not all applicants may be approved.


We did not receive an invitation. How can my company get an invitation to VZTUF?

If my company attended or exhibited last year will we automatically get an invitation each year?

What is the process to present at VZTUF?

How are presenters or presentations selected?

I received my invitation, how do I complete my registration?

Why can’t non-Verizon attendees register on line?

Can distributors or representatives for my company attend VZTUF?

All exhibitor booths are taken, will you be adding additional booth space.

Can I get an invitation to attend only without exhibiting?

Can I purchase a Daily Pass?

Can I purchase an Exhibitor Only Badge?

Are Exhibitors permitted to do raffle’s at VZTUF?

How do I get an attendee list?

When do we set up or tear down our booth?

How does booth selection work?

Where do I find shipping instructions?

Do we need to man our booth all day?